Did you happen to see Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Kevin Durant's emotional NBA MVP award speech? It was AWESOME!

What a tribute to your mother the week of Mother's Day. Way to set the bar high KD. For years he has been my favorite player to watch. He rarely complains and just goes out night after night and does his job. One of his many nicknames is the "Durantula."

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. I am a mama's boy and have known unconditional love my entire life. I had a great mother who set a great example by always helping others, like her parents whenever they needed it. Taking my friends in when they had no where else to go. Working hard even when you felt bad and making many, many sacrifices for her children. We may have been in a low income bracket, but we never went without anything we REALLY needed. I was nurtured and am very grateful to have my mother still in my life. She is my neighbor and friend, even after all the crazy things I put her through when I was a kid. All the stories I tell about her on the radio... I can't believe she hasn't disowned me. Plus, there is the whole accidental text issue that I have talked about.

I think of all my friends who can't have children.Those who have lost their mom and those who were deprived the privilege of having a good mom. It is a rough day for many people and a day of celebration for others. Thank god for the moms and my mom Mary Pants.

From the Joey Pants Stash

Mom and Dad coached my little league team. They are in the back. I am in the second row, second from the left. Yup, with my mouth wide open. Half my time is still spent smiling like that.

From the Joey Pants Stash


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