Michigan talent Laith Al-Saadi is representing our state well on the NBC show The Voice. He has made it to the playoffs and covered the late Joe Cocker last night. Adam Levine Said "Laith is doing something no one else id doing on the show." The first results show of the season will air Wednesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

He needs your vote!

Vote for Laith on Facebook here. Vote on nbc.com here. Use The Voice mobil app to vote here. You can download your favorite perfomances here.

Here is the song that got him here. Covering Peter Gabriel.

Here are the other performances by Laith on The Voice. He saves this cover of the Rolling Stones.

Here is the blind audition where he won his seat on the show.

Break a leg, Laith! Even though he's a Wolverine... This Spartan is rooting for you. Find him on Facebook here.