According to a report this evening in the Lansing State Journal, Lansing's City Council is having more issues when it comes to drafting a city ordinance pertaining to medical marijuana, and the regulation of pot dispensaries within the city. A public safety committee meeting was held today at Lansing City Hall where Interim City Attorney F. Joseph Abood notified officials in attendance that the current draft of the ordinance that council members are considering is not enforceable as it is in alignment with state laws and recent decisions by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

This means that council members are no closer to adopting an official ordinance. In fact, they're even farther than before. This has caused some impatience with a group of residents opposed to medical marijuana of any kind, and some council members...specifically longtime anti-socialite, fun-killer, and provocateur of all things evil, Carol Wood. Wood, standing up for the city's angry geriatrics, has delivered the "...or else!" ultimatum. If a legal draft isn't proposed by July 8, she will lead the legal charge in shutting down all of the approximate 60 dispensaries currently operating within the city.

According to the LSJ report, the next committee meeting is June 24 at 3:30pm in council chambers. It is open to the public.