Kevin Schaefer, an inductee in the WMMQ Classic Rock 94-9 Hall of Fame, shared his Friday morning Stormy Kromer fashion,, his Classic Joey Pants shirt from when Joey worked afternoons and Kevin's Bear sporting a Stormy Kromer...forgot to ask the bear's name...

And we've heard that you can get the official Stormy Kromers at Mitchell's in Leslie and Barrette's in Williamston.

Just our minor obsession this week, motivated by a conversation about 'Yooper' officially becoming a word and the famous hats that are made there in Ironwood -- keep sending your pics!

Kevin Schaefer in his Stormy Kromer
Kevin Schaefer's Bear Rug in a Stormy Kromer
Deb wearing Duran's Stormy Kromer - photo courtesy of Duran Martinez