Well, it looks like we'll need our snow shovels Friday night. The National Weather Service has updated the forecast for Lansing, and it flat out sucks. If you love snow, it's not enough to have fun with. If you hate snow, keep a dose of your favorite benzo handy.

Forecasters are expecting up to two inches of accumulating snow throughout the daytime Friday, which ought to make for an interesting Opening Day for the Tigers at Comerica Park. An additional two inches are predicted for Friday night. And, whatever falls and sticks will stay for the majority of the weekend as temperatures aren't expected to get above freezing until midday Sunday, when rain moves back in.

WLNS.com paints a less grim picture for Lansing, with a prediction of 1 to 3 inches of accumulation. But, they wisely warn those driving to CoPa tomorrow to be careful on the return trip to Lansing as the heaviest snow is expected to fall in the evening.