While driving north down Cedar Street yesterday, I saw a person that really caught my eye. His sign read: FOOD!! CANS, THANKS FOR ANYTHING! Curious, I spun the car around and decided to talk with him and ask his permission to take his photo for this post. Having agreed I talked with him a little more and learned that his name was Chris. A painter that has seen some better days but still maintains a happy outlook. Calling himself the "Happy Homeless Guy!"

To be honest, I normally will not engage with the panhandlers that are all over the city of Lansing. But because of his outfit, I was a little intrigued. Today while looking at the WMMQ Facebook page, I noticed that Chris had posted other pictures of himself and sent me a personal message. The message was not asking for anything, just a note to say that the location he picked was because he wanted to draw attention to the group Homeless Angels and that donations of clothing, furniture and even credits for room stays, could be made at the old Magnusson Hotel on Cedar.

In my life, I have always had just enough. Sometimes, there has been even less. With hard work and a lot of luck, we manage to get by from day to day. So instead of money, I am passing along the smile that was given to me yesterday. "Thanks Chris!"

You can see what the Homeless Angels are all about  by visiting their website at www.homelessangels.org