Could Magic Johnson really become one of the next owners of the L.A. Clippers? Long before Donald Sterling was alleged to have made racist remarks to his girlfriend, he has long been considered one of the worst owners in any sport. It's ironic Magic Johnson was involved in the picture that sparked the racist comments. Click here to see that. Because now, he is the leading candidate to become the next owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Click here to see that story from

Magic recently said "Donald Sterling shouldn't be allowed to own a team anymore."

If you haven't hear the idiotic conversation between Sterling and his "girlfriend" V. Stiviano click here.

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They sound like a couple of rocket scientists. She had recorded over 100 hours of conversations between the 2 and claims she isn't his girlfriend. He lost his son Scott last year and his estranged wife of 50 years is suing V. Stiviano claiming she is a gold digger. Click here to see that story. She also said at the time of their sons passing, Donald Sterling was more interested in Stiviano than spending time with the grieving family.

Singer "Tank" was supposed to sing the National Anthem at Tuesday's game 5 against Golden State. He has pilled out saying he won't associate with any owner or brand that feels the same. Click here to see that story.

Carmax announced they are ending their 9 year relationship with the Clippers due to the comments.

The Clippers considered boycotting the game and should have. They lost to Golden State 118-97. They did have a silent protest. Click here to see that from

I think Magic Johnson owning a basketball team in L.A. NOT named the Lakers is a bigger and better story. Crazy enough, he was set to receive the NAACP's lifetime achievement award in May. The NAACP says that isn't happening now. Click here to see that story.

So, if it happens and Magic is the next owner of the Clippers. Will Doc Rivers stay on as coach? Or will Magic come and try to convince MSU coach Tom Izzo to leave East Lansing? The dominoes are about to start falling. Stick a fork in Mr. Sterling. He's done.

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