People are already lined up at the few stores in Washington state that will be legally allowed to sell retail marijuana today.   Washington is now the second state in the union to legally sell recreational marijuana to adults over the age of 21.  However, it does remain a crime in the eyes of the federal government when they choose to enforce it. USA Today has a story detailing the differences in the marijuana rules in Colorado and Washington.

In Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational  marijuana, they are having some issues with people consuming 'edibles', food or drink that has been infused with cannabis.  Mostly, it's a case of people who consume way too much of a product because they don't have a clear understanding of potency.  Huffington Post has a story here on what Colorado officials are working on to address the issue.

In November 2008, 63% of Michigan voters chose to allow the use of medical marijuana. The law was amended in December of 2012 making it illegal to "transport or possess" unless the weed is "enclosed in a case that is carried in the trunk of the vehicle"; then in February of last year, the state Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal, meaning that legal patients will have to grow their own or procure it from a caregiver.  (Info sourced here.)