will air his retirement announcement on tonight's Late Show.

R.E.M bassist Mike Mills sent a tweet this afternoon, that was confirmed by website
tvline.com, stating that Letterman had made the announcement during the taping of tonight's show. (R.E.M. will be the musical guest, if you wondered...)

According to the article, Letterman will retire in 2015 from the show he has hosted since 1993. This is the latest in a string of late night personality shuffles. In February, Jimmy Fallon, a Letterman disciple, succeeded Jay Leno, Letterman's professional rival as host of NBC's Tonight Show. Seth Meyers took over NBC's Late Night show that Letterman started in 1982.Of course, this all follows the Leno to Conan to Leno; Conan to TBS drama of 2009 and 2010. And, the decision that changed late night TV forever in 1992 when NBC decided to tap Leno over Letterman to replace the great Johnny Carson.

The next question is, "Who's next?" Will CBS abandon late night talk and variety altogether? Will they move Craig Ferguson to the time slot? A fresh face, perhaps?