Ol' Daryl Hall looks like he's going for the biker look. Because that is what I think, when I see a biker riding by, "I wonder what Hall and Oates song he's rocking out to?"

None! Because bikers don't listen to Hall and Oates on their bikes because Hall and Oates suck!

I heard (I really didn't) Daryl Hall has a biker group called Hall's Angels and Oates, he rides on Hall's "Bitch Seat." Really, where else is he going to ride?

They are a black eye to the ROCK & ROLL Hall of Fame. Like they know what rock is. I know some people really dig their music and I just feel sorry for them. They need to get out more but I appreciate people who are protecting their life investment in this awful band. I would rather listen to Air Supply or a dentist drill on my teeth.

I have never seen another living person wearing a Hall and Oates shirt, in a non sarcastic way, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. If you ever see it, please snap a picture and send it to me. If you ever see a biker on a bike wearing a Hall and Oates t-shirt, I will give you something we are giving away that week.

There really is a Hall and Oates EMERGENCY HOTLINE. We called it on the air. They are such dicks (allegedly), they don't even have a real human answering the phone, it's a f-----g robot computer. Call for yourself if you are running low on crap to laugh at. 719-26-Oates. I am laughing so hard, its hard to type. It's real. Enjoy.

Speaking of crap I love to laugh at, have you ever seen this god awful video from Billy Squier? Well, it's his 65th birthday today. It doesn't get more HARDCORE, BAD ASS and IN YOUR FACE than this...

Unless you go to a Hall and Oates show and pay 280 bucks per ticket. I don't even want to waste my words on Oates. He looks like the 6th member of Menudo.

To me, they will always be the Stephen Baldwin of the music world. What kind of guy spells Darryl with one r? I lost a lot of respect for him with that.

(This story is not meant to offend Hall and Oates fans. It should be read in a satirical tone. Hall and Oates fans need to get out more though, that is true.)

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