A lot of Star Wars fans will dress up when they go to see "The Force Awakens." You can be sure to see a Jedi, a Sith and a lady who shouldn't be wearing that "Slave Leia" costume.One thing you won't see in the theatre is LIGHTSABERS!

I have one. It's red like Lord Vader. When the power goes out in our house, it's the first thing I reach for. I expected to take it with me to the theatre but it looks like that won't be happening. Click here to read all about what you CAN'T take to see the flick. Vader helmets and Chewie masks won't be allowed at some theatres. WTF?

Star Trek is so sick of hearing about Star Wars, CBS announced a new series starting in 2017. Click here to read about that. Star Trek has the better chicks so I am excited about that. I am hoping "The Force Awakens" is more diversified with their female selections for the movie than they were for episodes 3-6.

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