My mom is the greatest. She has such an amazing personality and is a selfless giver. I saw her on Friday and she told me she wanted to go to a MSU Hockey game. I told my wife and they went Saturday night.

My mom has had her knee replaced twice and her hip replaced. It's very difficult for her to get around. So, to hear she wanted to go was a shock. She has never heard me announce a hockey game and wanted that to end.

During play, a puck came flying over the glass and nailed my fellow off ice official Tony Coble in the face. I grabbed the puck and in between periods, I ran over to mom's seat to hand her the puck and get a picture.

JP and Mama Pants

Also, at the game celebrating his birthday was WMMQ listener and friend Jeremy Coe. Jeremy also managed to score himself a souvenir.

Courtesy of Jeremy's Facebook

My friend Carmen "the Cougar" was also at Munn snapping pics before the National Anthem.

From the Cougar stash
From the Cougar Stash
From the Cougar stash

I have ALWAYS wanted to work for MSU. It was such an honor to be asked. After my first game, I took a puck over to my dad and set it on his coffee table. I never said a word. My dad graduated MSU in the early 60's. I know he is proud just by how he looks at me. I really wanted my mom to see what I do and hear the crowd scream "Go WHITE!" after I say "Go Green." I honestly never thought she would get to see it. Sunday I woke up to the text "I am so proud of you, Joe." No amount of money can give you that satisfaction.

This woman believed in me when no one would. Defended me when no one would. Took in my friends when they didn't have a place to stay. Put on dances for kids in Webberville to keep them out of trouble. If I end up half as good as my mom, I will consider this life a success.