Last weekend I was watching people help set up the Tony "The Tree Guy" benefit at the Eagles Club in Williamston. My friend Tammy said "there was someone here earlier looking for you. Their cats name is Joey Pants."

I thought she was messing with me and I dismissed it thinking someone was just being nice.

Well, the next day at the benefit, I saw a picture and got the story of Joey Pants the cat.

He was so fluffy his original owners thought he was a girl and named him "Zoey."

Eventually, the original owner had to get rid of him and the new owner Craig discovered he was a boy. So, his wife started calling him "Joey Pants." Now, that's his name. I thought for sure he was named after the guy who starred in "The Goonies" and "The Sopranos," Joe Pantoliano but it wasn't.

I was very flattered and honored someone would name their cat after me.