Oh man, did I get some great photo comments this week. Some call them meme's. Whatever, I can't get enough of them and I can't share all the gems I received this week. So, let's begin our feature with Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus.

The Tigers haven't won since last Wednesday at Oakland. Remember last year, they struggled and Ausmus jokingly said to deal with losing he goes home and "beats my wife."

I never thought that was a big deal but I haven't said that since. Now, we hear the Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski said it's "not fair" to just blame Ausmus for the Tigers struggles. Click here to see that.

I think when a GM says a Manager is not to blame, he better start winning soon. Until then, stay positive! Remember that '84 team and the fans that won and lost with them. Bless You Boys! Remember? We went to the park and cheered even when we lost. We expected to win back then. It seems like we expect to lose now.

We have the best hitter in the world. We have one of the best pitchers chomping at the bit to show he's still got it. Plus, Victor Martinez has been out of the lineup. I guess maybe he is more valuable than we thought. A lot can happen in the next few months. Help is on the way... Click here to read about Verlander, Alex Avila and Victor Martinez returning soon.

Not one team in baseball history has won a Championship in May or June.

Stop! Drop! And Roll! Never panic in a dangerous situation. Like any fire, this dumpster will burn out soon.

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