Whoever says there's no such thing as bad publicity obviously was never held accountable for what's dubbed as the most blatant disregard of human nature in recent history. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is tops on Fortune's list of 19 Most Disappointing Leaders, listed higher and more notably than some of the year's most scandalous head chiefs.

As the Flint Water Crisis (yes, I think it has earned its place in the media as a proper noun...) continues to be debated under a national spotlight, Snyder has been awarded by Fortune with the "Don't Blame Me, I'm Just The Governor" honor. The guv is even listed higher than Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn (cheating US emission standards), sleazeball-former-big-pharma leader Martin Shkreli (the d-bag who price gouged AIDS patients to the tune of 5000%), and disgraced FIFA leader Sepp Blattert (cheater).