Joey Pants posted a story yesterday listing the 'best fifty things to do in Michigan', which brought some great stories from all, as well as this picture from our friend Mike Skywatcher. These are the Grand Sable Dunes at the east end of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - he says you can see the "Ghost Forest" in the bottom right of his picture.

Just thinking about Lake Michigan brings to mind some of my favorite Michigan-made memories of climbing Sleeping Bear Dunes, sitting in a a little shorty-beach chair and reading an entire book in a day while having a little wine (that's NOT why I flipped over backwards trying to stand up - the chair had sank into the sand!) and so many other moments of just walking the beach and letting the breeze blow away the worries of the day.

We always love to hear your stories of great Michigan-made memories and suggestions for our own!