I walked into the BP in Fowlerville a few weeks ago and saw this display.

From the Pants Mitten Stash

I picked one up to check it out. At first I thought it was a pot brownie.

From the Pants Mitten Stash

Then, I saw this product was made in Michigan. Go to their website and you will find FREAKIN' INSANE COOKIES AND BROWNIES and "EAT ME RAW" cookie dough.

They have some great names and a great product from what I hear. You can find Total Cluster Fudge on Facebook by clicking here. Here is the bio on the site: "

Total Cluster Fudge was started when I started looking at the brownie market and for the life of me I could not find super good funky brownie at most mainstream grocery stores. I knew Ineeded to make it different enough that the stores would not view me as just “another brownie”. So I spent 12 months in a hotel kitchenette and then in a basement kitchen working on formulas. I had the advantage in that I know a lot about candy which is shelf stable. I also noticed that you could never get a good piece of fudge at grocery stores, so I combined my knowledge of candy with my love of baked goods and Total Cluster Fudge is born.  The idea is a totally new product that is a combination of fudge and brownie, hence the name Total Cluster Fudge. By combining these two treats, we are able to make a rich delicious gooey sensations that people are absolutely loving!"

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