A while ago, our church was struggling getting new members. A lesbian couple in our congregation wanted to get their baby baptized. A cute little girl with deep ties to the church. Our preacher did the baptism ceremony and I thought it was just like any other baptism. Well, it angered some members of the congregation so bad they decided to find a new church. I said at the time and I still say today "what would Jesus do?" And Good riddance, Judgy Judserson. I knew those people my entire life.

I don't know and no one does. I do hear the phrase judge not lest ye be judged. I also see the ministers who are dead set against gays, later being outed as homosexuals themselves. They say in the bible man shall not lay with another man. It says a lot in the bible. Like Jesus spent his final days with prisoners and outcasts of society suffering for THEIR sins. The one thing I really believe is it isn't our place to speak for god and judging others is one thing he is pretty clear about in Matthew and Luke.

Plus, I thought, our church needs new members and just because her mother was a lesbian, this little girl doesn't deserve to be baptized??? That is the day my opinion on gay matters changed. My faith in my church and pastor was restored that day. We don't judge and want you to come as you are.

I have seen the gay abuse my friends have had to endure since grade school and it really never ends. The verbal and physical abuse, the bullying, the people trying to beat it out of them their entire life. This is the kind of "attention" I see them getting as a result of their "decision" to be gay. The really bad behavior lies in the homophobic. People are so threatened by gays, their behavior changes. They try to hide behind their religion to deflect their bigotry. Some don't even try to use religion, they just don't like it and never will. At least they don't judge and try to hide behind a book. I respect them more.

You have no idea the road some people have traveled and what they encountered on their path. Why does every house in the subdivision have to look the same? If you go to McDonald's and order a fish, do you get mad at the guy behind you for not ordering the same thing?

Speaking of roads, on US 131 near Grand Rapids, a Christian group is pissing liberals off with a billboard that says "Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right." Click here to read the full story.

I am not prepared to argue this. All I can say is when America was great, we were truly looking out for each other. Instead of pissing off the liberals, we used to focus our attention on a common enemy. We have a large chunk of the world that hates and wants us dead, knocked down a big building a few years ago and yet we want to piss off our fellow Americans?

Saturday marks the 71st anniversary of D-Day. The day thousands of Americans lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy fighting a bigoted nation. The Greatest Generation wouldn't have been so caught up in nonsense. "Storm the beaches? We might save a gay!"

I am not a liberal or conservative. I am an American and not all churches are against homosexuals. Jesus loves the little children. Gay or straight. Born that way or not.

Pretty much the worst thing a homosexual has done to me is tell me my curtains didn't match the living room and made me feel self conscious for being out of shape. I have heard people say, "as long as they don't hit on me." I am here to tell you. Being hit on by a homosexual is as good of feeling as being hit on by the opposite sex. If your instinct is to hit someone who has just complimented you, I don't think they are the one with the problem. This isn't me trying to piss anyone off, it's just how I feel. I am ready to meet my maker and answer for how I lived.