I am not sure why there are so many idiots on the road driving in the passing lane. I call them "TIME TERRORISTS" and am in awe of how many of them there are. In Michigan, people are insulted to be passed for some reason?

Well, it's against the law. Road and Time Terrorism is everywhere and now the State Police are about to start enforcing it. Left lane hogs be warned. Click here to read the full story.

The left lane is for passing. Also, it helps to accelerate if you are trying to pass someone. It does NOT help when the person you are passing matches acceleration. It also does not help when the non passing lane is littered with potholes and craters thanks to the big trucks illegally driving with oversized loads.

I pass 10-20 cars per day on the non passing side. I wish we could get back to sharing the road. Just too many damn entitled drivers on the road.