Every Friday during football season, I expect to hear from Midge. "Play that Spartan fight song, Joey!" Or "I wanna hear that Spartan FIGHT SONG!" She is a passionate Spartan.

Friday, it BLEW MY MIND when she and I bet on the game. She was betting MSU would lose. I was so confident in my team, I said  "I will bet you ten." Midge says "I will pay you 20 if we win!"

So, this morning I don't hear from Midge. I am calling her out on the air and calling her a "Chicken Little" Spartan fan. "The sky is always falling!" She really isn't but to me it sounded good. Eventually, I hear from Midge. She will be bringing me my cash.

In all honesty, after MSU turned the ball over to Michigan, I posted congrats to Blue on Facebook. Seconds later... (How many times have Spartan fans watched this?)

I knew it was me who won the game. The universe hates me so much, it wanted to see me wrong. I also jinxed the Lions into a victory last year. I am only good for one per year, so the rest is on you MSU.

Back to Midge...

Midge posted to the WMMQ page.

Wow I am sure glad I got that bet paid off to Joey Pants he was really waiting for his money. You know why he was waiting so he could go donate it to the homeless organization in Lansing. Joey Pants you the Spartan Man a man with a great heart and Soul we need more people like you in this World. GO GREEN
Yup, I will be handing the 20 over to Mike Karl and the Homeless Angels. You can click both names for more info on Facebook.
Thanks for paying up Midge! Wager with Deb and Joey weekdays 6-10am. Find Joey on Facebook here.