Apparently, monogamy and commitment tends to give way to lust and adultery in the education world; and, nowhere more so than at Michigan State University. According to Inside Higher Ed, there were roughly 75,000 .edu e-mail addresses in the leaked Ashley Madison address hack, a website dedicated to folks looking for extramarital affairs. That statistic tops the numbers for .gov and .mil holders by nearly five times! And, there were more addresses leaked than any other institution in the country.

But, Michigan State and its 696 unique addresses are not alone in the IHE top ten list; four other Big Ten universities made the top ten: Penn State (#2, 679), Ohio State (#7, 487), Minnesota (#8, 485), and Michigan (#9, 450).

If you're a bit nervous and unsure whether your cheatin' ass is listed, or if you're insecure about your partner's faithfulness, here is a link to Trustify. Where prompted, enter the e-mail address you're searching for, and find out what you may, or may not, want to know!