After Michigan State defeated Penn state Saturday, punching their ticket to the Big Ten Championship Game, lots of MSU students were hoping to get their hands on tickets to be punched as they enter Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend. But, according to, some students were left befuddled and frustrated as tickets went at a record pace. Some students say that the university allowed some to purchase online prior to the posted on-sale time of 9:00PM last Saturday. All of the tickets were gone before 9:20PM. University officials said that there was indeed some who purchased prior to 9:00PM, but it wasn't intentional; the site was being tested. The bright side of it is, the game is not sold out. There are plenty of tickets available for the game. But, students on the short end of the allotted 2,500 student section tickets will have to pony up a heckuva lot more than $40 to get in. Tickets are currently ranging from about $150 to over $3,000.