The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry brings out many emotions for fans and alumni of both schools...for better and worse. As tomorrow's game approaches, we actually have a welcomed story of unity and tribute to share. This article at sums it up perfectly.

Alex's Great State Race is a competition between the two schools spearheaded by their ROTC groups to honor Lansing Catholic graduate Alex Powell. Powell, a lifelong Spartan lover, and Wolverine hater, was diagnosed with cancer in his senior year of high school. Alex received treatment at U-M, and, sadly died before completing his freshman year at MSU.

Fans raise money for one of two organizations. MSU supporters send their donations to the Resource Center For Persons With Disabilities at MSU; Michigan fans donate to the Services For Students With Disabilities at U-M. This morning, the actual relay race started early this morning at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. The runners made their way down Hagadorn Rd. (as pictured) just after 3:00PM today, and finished at Demonstration Hall shortly after balls in hand.

Kudos to fans, students, and employees at both institutions for putting silly rivalries aside, and stepping for a good cause.