I remember as a kid, we had some great toys. But it seems my cousins always had the stuff I really wanted! My cousin Joey had Tinker Toys! Blocks and dowels of wood that you could construct all kinds of things. When we visited his house, we would construct cars with 6 rear wheels and roll them across the kitchen floor. Keeping us occupied for hours. My other cousin Terry Lynn had Shrinky Dinks and and an Easy Bake Oven. Two toys that kind of went hand in hand. She later turned out to be quite handy at baking.

The one gift that I often wished I would have had was the Spirograph.The plastic toys that could make anyone an artist! So at least I was led to believe. Now, I have found what I have longed for all of these years. During a trip to Frandor, I have found the missing part of my childhood. Sadly, it will have to wait. I don't think that I am willing to shuck out 30 bucks for some damn plastic toy! HOW DARE THEY PUT  A PRICE ON MY MEMORIES!!!