You see lot's of things when you're hunting. There are also lots of close encounters with wild animals.

"Like this one time, at deer camp." I was sitting in my tree stand and I heard a squirrel climbing down the tree, right over my head! As the squirrel go closer, it stopped. Then I felt these two tiny paws on my right shoulder as it wanted to get an up close look. Needless to say I didn't move! I didn't want to relive the scene in "A Christmas Vacation" when the squirrel went berserk in the Christmas tree!

The one thing I have never encountered (thanks goodness) is a whacked out naked guy, sipping out of my stream! This poor hunter found these even more poor soul, "naked and afraid," sipping out of his creek and eating rotten crab apples! Thankful for small miracles, I guess.

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