Having given up [soda] pop about 9 years ago, there has been little left for me to get my caffeine fix. Energy drinks leave a horrible sugar crash, the little boost shots work wonders but are expensive unless you buy them in bulk at the Mega Lo Mart. And coffee? Well, I'm not really a fan but it seems if it has enough stuff in it to make it not taste like coffee, then I can do it.

With today being "National Coffee Day" places known for their coffee are giving away free cups of Joe all over. The exception of course the local "big letter" franchise in Michigan. Ignoring the festive occasion they charged me the six bucks and change for the high octane, super skinny, macarena, flavored coffee with canned whip. The sprinkles of nutmeg were free as always, but I can't feel somehow that I paid for those too.

Which brings me to my next point. If you have ever been to Horrocks, you know where I am going. Their self serve coffee bar far exceeds ANY local retailer and probably goes through more coffee. If you ever have a day that you just want to watch people, go to Horrocks and count coffee cups. Just make sure you have a cup for yourself.

Here's a link to help you find free coffee! FREE COFFEE FOR ME!