I love it when people make fun of cops for loving donuts. EVERYONE loves donuts... Or they should anyway. Today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY! An excuse for you start eating bad and thanks god for the gift of lard.

Courtesy of Groovy Donuts

My favorite donut in the world is the stuffed bear claw from Groovy Donuts in Williamston. Andrew and Monica are awesome at the donut dealing game. This picture features a smaller bear claw. Their stuffed bear claw is the best donut I have ever had and worth every cent. Below in the picture is Monica at Groovy. That donut is called the "Funky Hubcap" and is enough dough for a full dozen donuts crafted into one MONSTER!


Below is my buddy Jeff at the Quality Dairy on Jolly and Dunkel, right by the radio station. My favorite QD donut is the custard filled long john. They make them perfect and it's ALWAYS great conversation with Jeff.

Another one of my favorite donuts is at Moo-Hoo's Dairy Barn in Webberville. They are homemade and you always get great service. As nice as the people are and as great as the donuts are, the real draw to Moo-Hoo's Dairy Barn for me is the decor. Inside the place, you will see pieces of wood. Those pieces of wood used to support the Pants Family barn. After the barn fell, they used some of the recycled wood for decoration.