I still don't believe it will happen in my lifetime but according to a telephone survey 75 percent of respondents, including majorities of both supporters and opponents of legal marijuana, think that the sale and use of pot eventually will be legal nationwide. Here is the full story from yahoo.com.

My first thought was "Who answers the phone for a survey anymore?" My second thought is awesome! As a taxpayer, I see it as a waste of money to put pot offenders in jail on our dime. Jail should be reserved for actual criminals. The police and law enforcement have been shooting these fish in a bucket for so long, I feel they have failed in other more important areas. Such as, the wide spread abuse of prescription drugs and painkillers. We are in an Oxycontin and Vicodin epidemic. How many of your friends abuse Xanex? Once these people get addicted to the painkillers and can't get them anymore, they find heroin is much cheaper. 5 years ago, we lost a member of our family to a heroin overdose. He followed this deadly pattern and was found on the side of the road.

Use all the efforts and resources you waste defending America from marijuana and put them towards cleaning up drugs that actually kill you. If you think this is just reserved for people below the poverty level, think again. The owner of the Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay went from 235 to 165 pounds in his latest bender with prescription painkillers.

Colorado will make over $2 million just in tax money this year. Think about the millions the federal government and local authorities spend enforcing the marijuana laws. All that money could go to preventing the spread of heroin, crystal meth and prescription painkillers.

The soldier suicide rate is out of control. A lot of soldiers have found pot helps control their PTSD and have gone to the black market to find theirs. A side effect of PTSD is constant suicidal thoughts and some of the drugs these doctors prescribe have suicidal side effects. It seems like we are stacking the decks against our heroes who made sacrifices for this country and deserve better treatment options.

In the history of America, there is NOT ONE documented overdose from marijuana.