Saturday I woke up to this. My friend Sara "The Rush Chick" shared this video with me. Mrs. Pants and I checked it out and LOVED the song. First off, we love the band name. It's a Empire Strikes Back reference. Second, it's a great tribute to the band Rush. If you have a Rush fan in your life, it's worth the share. There are always 1 or 2 chicks at a Rush show.

I loved it. If you have ever seen the documentary Rush "Beyond the Lighted Stage," you get a good idea of Rush's impact on pop culture and other musicians. They have never been a critically respected band, although everyone in the world knows they have one of the best drummers ever. "They are the Canadian Led Zeppelin!"- Gene Simmons.

Rush is hands down, my favorite band we play. One of my favorite Rush moments is when Ricky from "Trailer Park Boys" kidnapped Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson. There is strong hilarious language and it isn't safe for work.

The episode is called "Closer to the Heart" and a must see for Rush fans.