I'm talking about me being a snob about camping outdoors. Last time I slept on the ground, in a tent, at the state campground called 'A Million Oaks Prepared to Draw Lightning During This Storm on Lake Michigan' was several years ago. Did I mention the ground was sloped and my 'tentmate' was my nephew, who was only about five years old at the time? He kept rolling face-first into the corner of the tent and I was afraid that he'd suffocate, so stayed awake making sure that didn't happen on my watch. Just one more thing to ponder as we tried to sleep under the trees while the thunderstorm, with a lot of lightning, rolled over top of us. In our thin little tents.

In the morning, my sister said, "Did you hear that jerk who started up their car around 3:00 this morning?". I replied, "Yeaaaaa - that was me. I really had to go to the bathroom and I didn't know if the storm was over and didn't want to get drenched, so I drove to the bathroom. Was that rude?" Seems it was.

I vowed to never again sleep outdoors on the ground. So technically, I still don't plan to intentionally plan that, but I'd be MORE than happy to be a 'Travel Reporter' and check out 'Bella Solviva' in Northern Michigan. Only In Your State reports that they're scheduled to open in May. Sounds fancy!