Everyone is watching the Olympics, over 20 million viewers per night. Are we waiting for something bad to happen? Or are we just checking out the talent the world has to offer?

Stefania Berton booty/Getty Images

I love watching ladies figure skating, Most of the ladies have the backside of a Mexican sideline reporter and they aren't wearing a lot of clothes. What they do wear is revealing.

America sent a bunch of good looking ladies off to represent the Stars and Stripes. You can check them out by clicking here. I would like to add Ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson to the list.                              

This year I have been fascinated by Curling. Specifically, the Russian Women's Curling team. To me they look like a bowl of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden... And I'm hungry!

Click here to see Russian Curler Anna Sidorova out of her uniform.  

Did you hear about Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun? She is in hot water for posing topless for a calender. I just happen to have a link to that if you click here.

And back to the Russian's. Everyone has complained about all that is going wrong with these Olympics. Russian speedskater Olga Grag unzipped her racing suit after scoring gold, forgetting she didn't have a shirt on underneath. If you missed that, click here.

The breakout star, for me has been announcer Chad Salmela. His call of the Skiathlon had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. This dude is the best announcer at the Olympics.

These have been the most watchable Olympics I have ever seen. It has everything to do with the ladies. The games have been pretty exciting too. Male viewers are the REAL winners of these Olympic games. Must see t.v. indeed. JP