I didn't go to Dallas expecting to see the Battle of the Bands between the Alabama MILLION DOLLAR BAND and MSU. I just went with the flow. I ran into my buddy Darrell Wiles in the lobby of the Omni and he said "we are going later if you want to tag along." I have known Darrell for years, his son Josh and I played in the Drew Stanton golf outing together. Josh is in the band, so is Darrell's daughter Holly, so a chance to pump up that Spartan spirit and see some friends was cool with me.

The Battle took place in the Art District in downtown Dallas. I shot some video, Darrell shot video and his wife Sara took some AMAZING pictures she has allowed me to share. You may need to log in to Facebook to see these videos...

The first video I shot and you can hear my YEAH! Deb pointed it out.



Posted by Joey Pants on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The next video Darrell shot. It gives me chills.

F tuning in Dallas y'all!Joshua Wiles Holly Wiles Sara Makuch Wiles

Posted by Darrell Wiles on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sara Wiles captured some amazing pictures.

Over the years, the band has become as much of the football atmosphere as the players to me. I was so grateful for this opportunity the Wiles family afforded me to congregate with fellow Spartans. I honestly believe if the game were played on Wednesday, we would have won. The positive energy radiating off the crowd for this event was electric. I didn't expect to find myself here but it was another once in a lifetime experience.

Here is the Wiles family at the game.


Courtesy of the Wiles family

After the Battle, we cruised over to the house that Jerry built...

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