As a new resident of the "Friendly Place To Live," I have an encountered a bit of a mystery. As mentioned by my girlfriend Sara in a post on the Holt Community Matters Facebook page, it has stirred some concern from other residents. My commute to the WMMQ studios albeit short, has become quite interesting. It seems Eifert Road and the route that ensues, has been littered with random articles of clothing! Fear not WMMQ faithful, our own Joey Pants is safe as a kitten! As a matter of fact, I asked for his blessing to use the comical title and he cheerfully approved.

Today's drive included sightings of pants, a red sweater and other random articles of clothing. Some in the Holt community have labeled the person in question "The Clothes Thrower." A slightly ominous name, but not terribly threatening. With any luck, we will find the person or persons responsible and put them on double secret probation! Until then we will just safely dodge the dirty laundry plaguing the roadways of the small, but friendly, Mid Michigan community.