When I was a kid, my dad went to a fire at our neighbors to help them try and put it out. The next day he joined the Leroy Township Fire Department and was a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years. There were times he would be called away from Christmas and birthdays. The beeper never gets turned off and when it goes off, instinct for these guys is to jump up, drive to the fire hall, suit up and go fight fires.

I see cars not pulling over all the time for fire trucks and my dad said it was a scary part of the job, negotiating a huge fire truck, through traffic when no one is pulling over. If it were your house on fire, you would want every second spared and every entitled jackass to get out of the way.

There was a trailer fire many years ago in Webberville and my dad had to pull a deceased 5 year-old from the trailer, who had perished in the fire. When I went to see him days later, he was white as a ghost. He looked very sick and just couldn't get over the memory of that kid. It stayed with him for years and he never was the same firefighter after. Who would be?

He began to help serve in other ways, like organizing the volunteers for the Ox Roast. The ONLY annual event in Webberville that brings folks out of the woodwork and together. The Leroy Township Fire and Rescue have held this annual event for 68 years. Click here to get more info on this years Ox Roast. Every September, people of Webberville expected a call from Jimmy Pants, wanting them to work the Ox Roast.

Right as my dad was about to retire, my wife Sabrina and I were asked by my good friend Greg Flynn to announce the Ox Roast parade for the fireman. This was around 2007 or 2008 and we have helped organize and announce the parade almost every year since.

Greg passed last year and this will be our second Ox Roast without him. Last year was very hard on his dad, Fire Chief Mike Flynn, his family and friends. We dedicated a tree in his honor by the fire hall last year, so Greg will always be watching over us. This year, Greg had his name added to the Michigan Fireman's Memorial in Roscommon, Michigan. Greg was a major force behind keeping the Ox Roast alive for many years. He had many health issues and still chose to be a volunteer fireman among the many obstacles in his path. Like last year, we will try our best to not let him down.

Some of my best memories of being a kid happened at the Ox Roast. I remember winning a cake in the cake walk and going on rides with girls. It was always a blast.

Today, I saw my friend Dave Wheeler posted the Paul Harvey Tribute to the Firefighters and I thought it was worth the share. I love the way it sounds. Old school. Classic.

On behalf of the Leroy Township Fire & Rescue and the town of Webberville, we would like to thank Townsquare Media for all of their help promoting this fundraising event. Zoe Burdine-Fly, Chris Tyler and Shelby McComb have been a huge help growing the Ox Roast by advertising. Thank you from Small Town, America.

Oh yeah, I am serving up drinks in the Lyons Club beer barn Saturday starting at 8pm.

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