I went to Amsterdam in 2004 for vacation. I was amazed how much money the "coffee shops" and their blocks brought in. Most of the "coffee shops" are in areas surrounded by bakeries, restaurants and what I call "impulse buying" areas. It is a multi-million dollar industry. They are only in certain places and sometimes you really have to look to find them. They have based an entire tour industry around this culture. They have embraced it and profited greatly.

Michigan Medical Marihuana (that is how they spell it on the Michigan Medial Marijuana cards) is untaxed because the sale is illegal by federal law. Yet, other states like California impose a 7.5 percent tax on it. California alone brings in 56 to 109 million dollars in Marijuana tax each year. Click here for that stat.

The idea to tax the Medical Marijuana doesn't make cents, it makes major money. Money Michigan Governor Rick Snyder wants no part of, even though it's supported by 64% of Michigan residents.  Click here to see that story.

Last year, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program had a 23 million dollar surplus. Click here to see that. Billions more could be made. The roads don't care where the money comes from and I don't either.

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