Now that it has been established that open burning is banned all across Mid-Michigan, the rebellious ones should know how much their stand against the man may cost them in the end.

Well, according to, there really isn't a clear cut answer to that question. What is known is that there will be some sort of monetary penalty for not abiding to the ban. For instance, the article says that residents in Meridian Township will be fined a minimum $200. But, in Delta Township, there isn't necessarily a fine. Instead, violators woill be responsible for full costs of the fire run to the scene of an illegal burn. For just the Delta Township Fire Department to show up and tell you to put out the flames will range from $400-$500. If a fire squad needs to tend to the fire, you're looking in excess of $2000-$3000.

Residents should know late Thursday or early Friday if fire officials will ban personal use of fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend.