I think Ray Rice could see the field before the 2014 season ends. Which team will take a chance and face the media backlash for signing the suspended star? Click here to see the options.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been forced to testify in Rice appeal hearing November 5 and 6th and many believe this will lead to a settlement that will get Rice back on the field this year. Roger Goodell doesn't want to testify. Most people assume he knew about the video and lied. The NFL lawyers will do what they can to settle this before Goodell has a chance to perjure himself. Click here to see the story about Goodell having to testify.

I think the #1 team Rice will look at is Detroit. The Lions need a running back. Rice has a history with Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell. Caldwell was Rice's Offensive Coordinator in Baltimore when they won the Super Bowl. Caldwell is a man of integrity and a respected coach. He could one of the only coaches in the NFL who could handle the media backlash and circus that would follow.

The Lions leading rusher is Joique Bell and Rice would be a major upgrade at the position. Plus, with Ndomukong Suh, Rice won't even be the most polarizing figure ON HIS TEAM.

It seems likely Rice will return to the field this year. The Lions are a running game away from being a contender. Is Ray Rice worth the risk? Should he even be allowed to play this year? Winning is everything in the NFL. He has had to sit out half the season. The NFL's new policy for domestic violence is a 6 game suspension. He has missed those games. By the NFL rule, he should be allowed on the field. I agree what he did was awful. If he does it again, he will be kicked out of the league forever. He has paid his price and deserves a second chance. My guess is he'll be playing in Detroit.

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