Just two weeks ago I was talking about how lucky we've been this winter compared to last. Then, the foot of snow fell on Lansing last week. Now, we're gearing up for a bitterly cold arctic blast this week. According to this article at mlive.com, we shouldn't see a whole lot of snow in the forecast this week. If we do see any, it's likely to be wind driven lake effect snow. But, we could see record low temperatures for February as head into the weekend. According to the article, winds will shift out of the north Thursday night, pushing temperatures five to ten below zero for Friday morning, with wind chills between 15 and 30 below. By Sunday, overnight lows could be even colder...actual temperatures 10 to 20 below, wind chills 30 to 40 below. Hang on, we're not quite out of the woods just yet. In fact, the article says we have about three weeks of hard winter barrelling down on us.