It has been a dark year for Amusement Parks. Lots of accidents, injuries and death. Sunday afternoon saw one of the worst in Kentucky.

“It was horrific, it just crumbled like a stack of tooth picks, those poor people, I will have nightmares about this the rest of my life, it could have been us,” said 33-year old Jessica Waterbury of Louisville, who was waiting in line for the next ride on the coaster.

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I have been an adrenaline junkie most of my life. Once you go on a ride at Cedar Point, it's hard to go back on a fair ride. The rides at these amusement parks have been engineered and built by experts. The fair rides were put up by a dude who may have been up all night partying. The fair rides seem to induce only nausea, while the fair rides give you that buzzed up, adrenaline rush. I honestly, would be ok if I died in a roller coaster accident. At least I died doing something I love.

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