How many times have you taken a trip up north and taken a picture of our Mackinac Bridge? It seems that trip to the Upper Peninsula has spawned the need for a new picture of the Mighty Mac. It's a part of our heritage here in the Great Lakes State.

Ice flows under the Mackinac Bridge through the Straits.

We all have the old photos of the bridge that we have taken through the windshield while driving under the pillars. The shoreline family photos and the photos of ice flowing under the bridge. Sunsets and sunrises, we have them all. Much like music, we need to upgrade with every new invention of technology. Cameras change and we feel the need to take new photos. Kind of like going from albums, to 8 tracks, to cassettes, to CD's and finally MP3. So too goes our photos. Instamatics, to 110, to Polaroid, to 35mm to hi-res digital and new cell phones to share on social media. The subject has not changed, only the eye behind the lens. No matter what the occasion, we still feel the need to take pictures and share them with the world. And why not? It's ours and we love it so!

Michigan lighthouses are  also great attractions that line our coasts. Great viewing and low traffic are perfect right now. The temps are a little cooler, but it's well worth the time spent.

The Coast Guard Icebreaker Mackinaw in Mackinaw City, MI

An evening look at the lighthouse that is located near the ferry docks in St. Ignace, MI.