In my many travels across the Great Lakes State, I have seen many things. But somewhere along US 2 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I happened upon the mythical Sasquatch! With a massive head and steely eyes, it stood there gazing upon the traffic of the east, west highway.

To prove that that my eyes were not playing tricks on me, I whipped the car around and brought forth the picture proof that 'Squatches' are indeed REAL!

So the next time you scoff at shows like 'Finding Bigfoot' or the Roger Patterson footage, I encourage you to think twice!  You never know when you're going to run into one in the wild or on a well traveled two lane highway.

And if you ever see this particular Bigfoot just outside of Manistique, MI, make sure you drop a dollar in the box at it's feet. It's worth it for a great photo op!