One Meijer store in Greater Grand Rapids has reintroduced a great concept of convenience for its customers. According to an article at, the Meijer store in Knapp Center is now offering curbside grocery pick up. How does it work? Well, frankly, quite simply. Just order your groceries online, pull up to the store's pick-up area at the proper time, pay with a credit card, get loaded up, and go! And, the best doesn't cost customers any extra money to use the service.

The article says that Meijer is exploring adding the feature to other stores this year, and is one of many retailers experimenting with similar online shopping experiences. For those of us that shop at the South Lansing Meijer, this would be a welcomed addition to the new, sparkly setting provided. As we have learned, you might be able to put a new store on the South Side, but, you'll never take the South Side out of the store!