Friday, it was a big deal to us click-hungry media types. By Friday night, local sports talking heads extinguished the flames, likely at the suggestion of concerned and embarrassed Michigan State University officials (after all, Green will tell you, he's a high-dollar donor), saying internet trolls and tabloid addicts blew a situation they had no clue about out of proportion. The truth is, there may be a bit of validity to both theories as the official East Lansing Police report of Draymond Green's arrest was made public Wednesday.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the report sheds new light on the incidents of early Sunday morning outside Conrad's Grill in Downtown East Lansing. The official police report indicates that former MSU Hoops star, Current USA Olympian, NBA All-Star, and Golden State Warrior Draymond Green greeted his arresting officers with what is quoted as "excited utterances" before wanting to apologize to his victim, MSU Football Defensive Back Jermaine Edmondson, and "make things right."


What has been reported in the news since Friday night as a verbal exchange with an open-handed face smack, is reported by Edmondson, the victim, as a closed-fisted punch to the head that has caused him pain, discomfort, and headaches since the incident. He wrote this the day following the incident, in a written report to East Lansing Police. Edmondson also wrote in his report that he wants to take further action on the matter, and also explained his side of how the situation all unfolded.

Edmondson says, Friday night, he was talking to a football teammate at Rick's American Cafe when Green bumped him. Edmondson took exception, suggesting Green could at least excuse himself for bumping him. Green allegedly asked the teammate who Edmondson was. In Edmondson's words to police, he said that Green told him that "I pay for n-(racial slur) like you scholarships." Edmondson then reports that both he and his girlfriend were choked by men accompanying Green.

As far as any thoughts that Green may have been too drunk, in the wrong place at the wrong time, his citation shows that he had a .10 Blood-Alcohol Content when he was booked at the East Lansing Jail. Green was locked up for about four and a half hours before being released on $200 bail at 7:13 am Sunday morning.

Judging by the mugshot, we can all hope to be amused by a jovial, go-lucky, make-you-smile jail processing clerk if we're ever booked into the EL City Clink!