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We look back at another day in Rock 'n' Roll history tonight. Twenty years ago, original Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch played his final gig with the band. Tensions grew in the late 80's between Lynch and Tom Petty after Petty had recorded with Traveling Wilburys. Soon after, Petty released his first solo LP Full Moon Fever. Neither decision set well with The Heartbreakers, besides Mike Campbell, who has been with Petty for all of his projects in some facet. Lynch, however, was the most vocal band member during this time. Well, on October 2, 1994, after displaying more displeasure about Petty's second solo LP Wildflowers, Lynch was fired after a benefit show in Los Angeles. rollingstone.com has this article with a cool link to a portion of that set.

Lynch provided drum lines way ahead of his time for the early Heartbreakers albums. He was also the main harmony vocalist until Howie Epstein was brought in before Long After Dark. The funny thing is, Lynch was so ahead of the times with his playing, producer Jimmy Iovine couldn't stand his skill set and begged Petty to fire him during recording sessions for Damn The Torpedoes. It's a good thing Petty refused...without his signature sound, imagine how different that LP and the follow up Hard Promises would sound!

Tonight, I've found three live cuts recorded in 1981 featuring Lynch at his finest, not only on the drum kit, but with the backing vocals as well. Tune in to hear "A Thing About You", "Nightwatchman", and "Breakdown", all live for tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot on 94.9 WMMQ!