Superstitious folks and Voo-Doo worshipers alike are sensing some extra tension on this Friday The 13th. Not only is it a day that many feel unlucky on, it falls on the Full Moon of June. And, this Full Moon is no ordinary Full Moon, it's the closest that Earth will travel to the Luna this year, making it a "Super Moon." If you happened to catch a glimpse this morning just after Midnight, you may have noticed that the moon looked bigger and brighter than normal, hence the term "Super Moon." And, just to make things a little more interesting...or eerie, it will be 35 years before another Full Moon falls on Friday The 13th, and we're expecting solar flares today as well.

Tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot will be a little play on this unique day. The gypsies and wizards may feel the extra gravitational pull today as they concoct some "Strange Magic", like ELO did in 1975. Wow, all of the talk has got me feeling a little "Spooky" today...The Atlanta Rhythm Section knows all about that. But, then again, I'm not worried; "I Ain't Superstitious"...neither are Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart! Check it out tonight at 6:00PM on 94.9 WMMQ!