A few months back, I did a story about the movie "The Interview."

Click here to see that. 

Now, Sony is pushing back the release until Christmas and re-editing the movie. They are trying to soften the rhetoric coming from North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un who called the movie "an act of war!" Click here to see the full story. They are changing how Kim Jong-un is assassinated and what he wore.

I can't FRIGGIN' believe they are bowing to political pressure and changing it. You never heard a word from Kim Jong-ill about how he was depicted in Team America: World Police. They made him look bad and he never made a peep. Seth Rogen and James Franco should thank this North Korean baby for the free worldwide promotion. He has given them so much publicity, I wondered if it was all part of the promotion.

This sets a scary precedent for film makers.

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