If you've ever watched Jeremy Wade from River Monsters and some of the amazing man eating/maiming fish he's landed, then you know what the South American Pacu is capable of.

Known for their piranha like look, the Pacu has allegedly fed on more than just tree "nuts". It seems that it also has an affinity for "other" types of nuts as well. Those that may tend to make the fellas grab their nether regions while seeing the human like teeth that the fish possesses!

Imagine now, landing one of these beasts that can grow up to 50 lbs. in the Michigan waters of Lake St. Clair! One lucky angler go the surprise of their life while fishing the Detroit area body of water. My guess is some half-wit thought it would be funny to release a non native species in the lake for a laugh, or they just couldn't take care of it any longer. Whatever the case, it is illegal to do. On one hand, they will never get the fines they deserve, and on the other, someone got it out of the lake!

Cool story bro! Check it out from the Outdoorhub here: Pacu Caught In Michigan Waters