Katie Dama Jaskolski of Lansing is a graduate of Sexton High School and Michigan State University and teaches in the Lansing school district. Katie began her gymnastics career at the age of 3 and continued to compete into adulthood.

Long story short, she started experiencing pain that didn't make sense and she went to twenty three doctors before one finally figured out what was wrong; most of the doctors she saw told her that her issues were 'in her head'. When she was finally diagnosed with her 'invisible illnesses', she could begin treating it. Around the same time, her sister was also diagnosed with a rare, 'invisible illness'.

When not teaching, Katie now spends a good part of each day maintaining mobility; some days she can run a 5k, while some days she needs an electric cart at the grocery store.

Katie and her sister decided to do something to raise awareness about those suffering with the gamut of invisible illness, as well as raise money to research their particular diseases. The "Life as a Zebra" fundraiser is this Saturday, April 16th 2016; I'll be there as the emcee and I hope you can come, too! It's at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing - there will be a motivational speaker, silent auction, live entertainment, food and drink.

It's going to be a fun Saturday night for a great cause!

Get more details at zebranation.org