As I came home yesterday afternoon, I was greeted by a doe running across the street into my yard. Not surprised as I have seen many deer in my backyard since I have moved in. Just a friendly reminder that does are in their third trimester and will be giving birth to fawns in the next few months. So please keep this in mind, if you find a fawn, leave it! More than likely, the mother is watching your every move and has not abandoned her offspring. Also remember not to "veer for deer." It's best to apply constant pressure to your breaks and not try to avoid them. You probably have insurance and your vehicle will recover.

Then, she busted me when the dog moved. "BAD DOG!!"

Just because hunting season is over, it does not mean that deer are any less likely to not cross in broad daylight. They are on the move looking for good food sources to replenish what they have lost over the winter and to recover what nourishment the fawns are taking from within. It's a great time for viewing nature and maybe taking some spring photos. All you have to do is get outside and do it!