What is the meaning of this strange burning orb in the clouds? Surely, the apocalypse is upon us. I say run to the store and buy up everything before zombies devour your brains.

My god, you would think this is the first time people have experienced a Michigan winter. I admit, even I have found myself grumbling about living in freezing conditions.

"It's so cold!"

"There's too much snow!"

I have a feeling pretty soon everyone will be complaining about the mud.

"This is the muddiest Michigan ever!"

Then it will be too hot. This Goldilocks State is awesome! Everything is awesome!

So, if you missed The Lego Movie here is the catchiest song in the history of civilization to convince you.


Try and get that out of your head. If you saw the movie you'd be singing it.

The sun gives us some much needed vitamin D and people just seem a hell of a lot happier when it comes out. Enjoy your time in the sun. After school special; over.